Every summer, Cachamsi participants help with summer camps in the indigenous community of Cacha as well as Riobamba.

Cacha summer camps

This year, we hosted English Summer Camps for the children of Cacha planned by Cachamsi participants Tom and Annette Evola. The children learned about animals in English, important pharse, and how to bake cookies. They also performed the play “The Lion and the Mouse” in English. They had a lot of fun and so did our participants! Check out the video below:


This past summer, Cachamsi also worked with the Centro de Salud #1 and Doctora Katherine Lopez to teach kids and adolescents about health and have fun while doing it. We worked with two volunteers from a local university to teach adolescents about healthy relationships and how to avoid peer pressure using the Big Decisions Curriculum from Healthy Futures of Texas. (See Proyecto Riosueña for more details). We also worked with the younger children to teach them about parts of their bodies and discuss their goals and dreams!