Proyecto RioSueña

Proyecto RioSueña is an inter-organizational Adolescent Sexual & Reproductive Health (ASRH) education initiative facilitated by Cachamsi. This project is the first of its kind in Latin America, as it seeks to partner local government entities, universities, NGOs, and other community stakeholders to provide systematic and sustainable sexual health education to high school students within the public school system of Ecuador.

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Our Team:

Cachamsi - Project Direction & Consulting

Ministry of Education | Ecuador - Project Guidance

Ministry of Public Health | Ecuador - Health Systems Support

National University of Chimborazo - Sustainability

UT Health - Investigation and Implementation Piloting

Healthy Futures of Texas - “Big Decisions”" Curriculum Provision

“By helping to form a psychological foundation to make healthy decisions, based on hopes, dreams, and a life-plan, students & their families will have the opportunity to use the culturally-appropriate modality (Abstinence vs Contraception) necessary to prevent unwanted pregnancies in order to achieve their goals for the future.”
— Valeria Cisneros & Garrett Kneese, Co-Directors | Proyecto RioSueña
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About the Curriculum:

-Comprehensive Education

-Facilitative Delivery

-Inclusiveness Driven Model

-Youth Empowerment Focused

-Family Oriented

-Community Driven

“The goal of the Big Decisions curriculum is to help young people make healthy and informed decisions about sex. By empowering youth to protect their health and avoid unplanned pregnancy, youth will be better able to achieve their educational and career goals, and their children will be more likely to be healthy.”

-Author: Dr. Janet Realini, MD, MPH

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Project Design & Orientation

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