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We are a non-profit international Medical Spanish immersion program located in the Andean highlands of Ecuador. 

“Cachamsi”(Cacha Medical Spanish Institute) is one of the few international medicine rotations that offers structured & professional medical Spanish classes, Clinical Preceptorships within Ecuadorian Hospitals & Clinics as well as volunteer opportunities among a unique indigenous population. Participants spend at least 6 hours per day (30 hours per week) under the supervision of a licensed Ecuadorian physician. Dr. Jorge Duchicela (Cachamsi Director in the United States) will evaluate their work by communicating with their clinical preceptors, staff and Medical Spanish Professors. Dr. Duchicela then will provide a written evaluation of their work.

We are a nonprofit organization, meaning that all proceeds obtained through fees are reinvested within the organization for social programs, medical equipment, curriculum improvements, and salaries for the educators and employees. Administrative directors of Cachamsi work on a volunteer basis.


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Over 13% of the United States population are native Spanish speakers. This number increases to 30% in Texas and California. Medical Spanish is a tool for health care providers to communicate with their Spanish speaking patients in a manner that ensures high quality, safely managed and accurately facilitated care. Spanish speaking patients experience less access, lower standards of care, and report less care satisfaction than English speaking patients. According to the United States CDC, policymakers must seek effective approaches for increasing the number of Spanish speaking healthcare providers.

Medical Spanish is a skill of clinically competent and culturally adaptable Spanish linguistics. The medical Spanish curriculum will cover a wide range of topics from anatomical vocabulary to medical terminology and procedures to doctor-patient relationship and cultural appropriateness. The student will systematically study compounding grammar structures, thus providing a strong linguistic base of knowledge as he / she progresses through the program. In addition, the curriculum will offer the student the opportunity to learn about traditional indigenous and complementary/alternative forms of medicine, comparative international health, and Ecuadorian health care.



The majority of our participants are health care professionals, medical students, nursing students, and P.A. students. However, we have received participants from all backgrounds and professions. Additionally, there is no requirement for proficiency in Spanish to participate. We teach students at all levels. Please visit our page, Who Can Participate for more information.

In the mornings, participants go to their perspective clinical rotations in outpatient health centers and inpatient settings. They can participate in rotations of all specialties. In the afternoons, our participants attend Spanish classes. Class size varies depending on time of year. During the summer months of June, July, August, class size ranges from 5-8 students per instructor. During the rest of the year, each instructor has about 1-4 students.

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Cachamsi offers one all-inclusive program fee that includes lodging, Spanish classes, and clinical rotations in Riobamba, Ecuador. Fees vary based on type of lodging and length of stay. Click here to view 2019 fee schedule.


Making a Difference

Jorge Duchicela, MD, FAAFP, named Physician of the Year

In receiving the award, Duchicela said, “I am convinced that when the physician lives in the patient’s community and is involved in the area’s activities, this allows unsurmountable benefits to the patient, the community and the physician. I am honored to receive this award!”
— Jorge Duchicela MD. | Cachamsi Founder
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