Cachamsi is able to offer rich programming thanks to caring people like you!

Consider offering a donation today - every amount counts and 100% of donations go directly to programming and community projects in Cacha and Riobamba. 

what exactly do donations go to?

Your donations go to our various community projects in Cacha!

Every year, there are events in schools to maintain the culture of Cacha. With your donations, Cachamsi sponsors these events where students participate in fun activities and competitions to learn more about the Puruha culture.

In addition, we help host health fairs for the indigenous community in Cacha. This includes caring for the elderly persons that inhabit the Cacha area.

We also host summer camps for the Cacha community where money that is donated can be used.

Other ongoing projects where money can be donated are:

  1. Scholarships for School Girls

    Money donated for these scholarships covers books, uniforms, transportation, and monthly expenses. This project helps girls reach their dreams of being educated and pursuing a career.

  2. Proyecto Riosueña aims to implement a curriculum of sexual education in the Riobamba area.

Check out the pages underneath the Our Community Projects tab for more information!

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