We offer a wide range of clinical experiences for medical students, physicians, and other health professionals.

Students will have the opportunity to shadow various physician preceptors among different hospitals and clinics in Riobamba. Prior to traveling to Ecuador, the student will submit a list of preceptor preferences based on specialty, prior experience, etc. Arrangements will then be made, prior to the student arrival and according to availability. The first day of rotation will be spent with orientation, and classes/preceptorship will start the next day. They will then work out a schedule with the program coordinator as to the hours and location sites where they would like to work. All precepting physicians are faculty professionals from the following health centers: 

Subcentro de Salud (Cacha Clinic)

The opportunity to work in the Andean community of Cacha is a unique aspect of the program and one that participants overwhelmingly enjoy the most. This small clinic serves a vast area of indigenous communities 20 minutes outside of Riobamba. Students may work at the Subcentro, do pediatric checkups at local schools, or put on community programs. Most of the patients are indigenous and don’t have access to a regular physician. 



This busy hospital serves the beneficiaries of the Social Security System/hospital in Ecuador. Workers usually contribute to this non-profit national entity. 

Hospital Policlínico


This large and busy hospital belongs to the government and it is under the Ministry of Health. This is where patients without insurance, scant financial means, or any other patient can go for their health care.



There are serveral Health Clinics located all around the city where our participants have the opportunity to do their rotations.