Program costs vary based upon your lodging selection. Please see breakdown of pricing differences in the table below.

The standard length of stay for participants is 4 weeks. We have hosted many participants in the past who have requested stays that are longer or shorter than 4 weeks. We prorate the fees based on how long you stay, i.e. a 3 week stay will be cheaper than a 4 week stay. Only living expenses are variable based upon length of stay. All types of lodging have wifi included.

All Fee Packages include: 

  • Pre and post language proficiency evaluations.

  • Daily clinical exposure with experienced physicians.

  • Daily specialized language instruction

  • Textbook and instructional materials.

  • Evaluation signed by Jorge Duchicela, M.D. upon completion of the program.

  • Round trip private transportation on a daily basis from Riobamba to Cacha.

  • Round-trip transportation from Quito/Guayaquil to Riobamba.

For guidance on weekly prices please contact:

Dr. Jorge Duchicela
Ing. Carlos Duchicela
Prof. Pablo Martínez

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Fee Breakdown by Lodging

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Family Stay Pucara Tambo Casa Luis Felipe Duchicela Rincón Alemán
Description All of our families have been hosting Cachamsi participants for many years, and understand both our program's mission and the needs of our participants. They encourage the participants to speak Spanish and include them in their daily family customs. We recommend family stays simply because past Cachamsi participants have enjoyed them the most. Participants are usually amazed by how much their Spanish has improved by the end of their stay. Pucara Tambo is a religious and cultural center located 15 minutes outside of Riobamba, a short walk from the indigenous community of Cacha-Machangara. It is used for the indigenious Inti Raymi celebrations, community meetings, educational seminars, and lodging for local and foreign guests. Offering spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and Chimborazo, guests staying here have the opportunity to experience the rich indigenous culture of the Cacha community. Luis Felipe Duchicela's (brother of program board member Jorge Duchicela) house has a spectacular view of Chimborazo, includes a clean, safe environment and is located in Cacha-Machangara, the same community as Pucara Tambo. The housekeeper, Clarita, stays there during the weekdays. The stay at the Foundation's house would be for a participant who is looking for a nearly complete immersion with the indigenous community and who feels very comfortable with the Spanish language. The Rincón Alemán bed and breakfast is owned by Elena Torres. It is located in a quiet and safe part of Riobamba. A bus or taxi is needed to reach the center of town with a taxi fare of about $2.50-3.00 each way. It offers a clean and professional environment. The bed and breakfast gives you the feel of an upscale establishment, however it is very affordable. Elena has great contacts with tourist guides and operators.
Location Riobamba, Ecuador Cacha-Machangara Cacha-Machangara Riobamba, Ecuador
Amenities Included
  • All meals included
  • Free laundry
  • Private bedroom
  • All meals included
  • Free laundry
  • Transportation to and from Riobamba on the weekdays (15 minute car ride)
  • Private bedroom and Private Bathroom- Students may wish to share cabins voluntarily, there is no change in fees if participants decide to share.
  • All meals on weekdays included
  • Laundry: $2.00/dozen
  • Private bedroom and bathroom.
  • Breakfast
  • Laundry: $0.20/piece
  • Cable TV
  • Bedroom and Bathroom- can be private, or shared with 2-3 people (Price varies)
1 Week $729 $679 $856 $836
2 weeks $1,218 $1,118 $1,471 $1,433
3 weeks $1,707 $1,556 $2,087 $2,029
4 weeks $2,195 $1,995 $2,702 $2,626
5 weeks $2,684 $2,434 $3,318 $3,222
6 weeks $3,173 $2,873 $3,934 $3,819
7 weeks $3,662 $3,312 $4,549 $4,415
8 weeks $4,151 $3,751 $5,165 $5,012
9 weeks $4,640 $4,189 $5,780 $5,608
10 weeks $5,129 $4,628 $6,396 $6,205
11 weeks $5,617 5,067 $7,012 $6,801
12 weeks $6,106 $5,506 $7,627 $7,398

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Cachamsi is a strictly not-for-profit organization, and we are designated a non-profit entity under U.S. law. 

We dedicate a portion of fees to various health and education related programs for the community of Cacha.