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  • STEP 1: Complete the Program Registration Form below to begin the process.

    • You will complete 2 additional forms at a later time via email notifications.

  • STEP 2: Please submit your Program Deposit. This amount will be part of the total payment. See Program Fees for totals.

    • Online Deposits: $175

Make your deposit online

Processing Fee Note: With intent to complete all Payments to Cachamsi Online, there is just a $25 convenience & processing fee, applied to this deposit only. There will be no additional fee to process your Program Payment, as you will have paid this fee via the Online Deposit. Please, do not attempt a Check/Money Order Deposit with an Online Program Payment to avoid this processing fee.

  • Check or Money-Order Deposits: $150

Make checks payable to: CACHAMSI, INC

Mail to: 

Cachamsi, Inc | Youens and Duchicela Clinic

402 Youens Drive

Weimar, TX 78962

  • STEP 3: Please complete your Program Payment. Your $150 Deposit should be subtracted from your Program Fee. See Program Fees for totals.

    • Online Payments:

      Make your payment online

      • Your $150 Deposit has already been subtracted from the listed prices.

      • You have already paid your $25 Convenience Fee via the Online Deposit

      • Please, do not attempt a Check/Money Order Deposit with an Online Program Payment to avoid this processing fee.

    • Check/Money-Order Payments:

      • Please Manually subtract your $150 Deposit from the Program Fees, linked above, prior to sending your check/money-order to the above-listed address.

      • Check/Money-Order payments are required for Program Durations less than 2 weeks, more than 8 weeks, and for Housing Selections of Rincon Aleman or Casa Duchicela.

NOTE: Complete payment should be received one month prior to arrival in Ecuador. 

* Make sure your passport is current and does not expire within 6 months of your travel return date.

*If for any reason you intend to stay in Ecuador for longer than 90 days, you must secure an Ecuadorian Visa prior to your arrival.

Fee Breakdown:

At Cachamsi, we try to make payments as simple as possible. Your Program Fee is all-inclusive, regarding:

  • Private, Professional Transportation to/from Riobamba upon Arrival

  • Housing at your Selected Housing Option

  • Room & Board and all Meals

  • Medical Spanish Curriculum taught by Linguistic Professionals

  • Medical Rotations in the Hospitals and Clinics of Cacha and Riobamba

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