This Month at Cachamsi

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Students welcomed this month


One-on-One Clinical Hours


This past month, we had a lot of fun with the participants. They attended clinical rotations in the morning and Spanish classes in the afternoon. They also went to the Plaza Roja market in Riobamba on Wednesdays where many blankets among other artisan products were bought. Those staying at Pucara Tambo played soccer with the staff of Cachamsi.

The participants also had the chance to observe the daily life of the indigenous population in Cacha. They participated by milking cows, feeding the cuys (guinea pigs), and playing with baby pigs.


In addition, Cachamsi and it’s participants helped with a Summer Camp hosted by the Centro de Salud. We played games with the kids and also educated adolescents about peer pressure and how to maintain healthy relationships using the Big Decisions Curriculum from Project Riosueña. Check out our page on the summer camps hosted by Cachamsi this year!

Student Quote

Of the Month:

“I had never taken Spanish before and in the beginning felt frustrated and embarrassed. But I stuck at it and was fortunate to be surrounded by patient professors and supportive friends. Eventually, I was somehow interviewing patients, conversing with doctors, writing prescriptions, making friends, and navigating new cities by myself- all in a new language.”
— Lucia L., 2019 Participant