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Program Fee | Pucara Tambo | Cachamsi

from 968.00

This is where you will complete your Program Fee Payments; your deposit of $150.00 must be made prior to this payment. The $150.00 deposit has already been subtracted from the indicated Program Fee Schedule Price.

For Program Durations shorter than 2 Weeks or longer than 8 Weeks, please arrange your payment via Check/Money Order as described at

Please make your Final Payment no less than 30 days prior to your planned arrival in Ecuador for your rotation.

For the Program Fee Schedule, please see:

Weeks of Stay:
Complete Program Payment

About Pucara Tambo:

Pucara Tambo is a place of rest and meditation, which reflects the culture and identity of the Kacha people and the Great Puruwá Nation embodied in its traditions, celebrations and infrastructure with native materials of the area.

Pucara Tambo is a religious and cultural center located a short walk from the community of Cacha-Machangara. It is used for Inti Raymi celebrations, community meetings, educational seminars, and lodging for local and foreign guests. Aside from offering spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and Chimborazo, Pucará Tambo facilities offer private baths, storing closets, hot water, internet availability, laundry services and three meals per day.

The Pucara Tambo fee is for a single accommodation.  Students may wish to share cabins voluntarily.  Typically friends ask to share a cabin. There is no change in fees if participants decide to share.


  • One bedroom / One private bathroom

  • All meals included

  • Laundry included – once a week a laundering service will take care of your clothes

  • Wifi availability varies, permanent access available in Pucara Tambo restaurant/study center

  • Secure, closed neighborhood, located within Pucara Tambo tourist and cultural center.

  • The Pucaratambo team will be your host family

Please note that the Program Fees by Type and Duration of Stay are listed at

The price listed for the item you have selected has already subtracted your $150.00 Deposit that you must make prior to this final payment.