Welcome to Riobamba, Ecuador! We hope your stay here will be exciting and memorable. In order to assist you with navigating the city and making the most of the Cachamsi, we’ve provided this comprehensive guide with details on activities, entertainment spots and weekend trips. Don't forget to also check out our FAQ Page for more tips!


High priority: Valid Passport (you must have a passport with a minimun validity of six months counted from the date of proposed departure from Ecuador, English/Spanish dictionary, hand sanitizer, long sleeve shirts/tie, dress shoes, white coat, stethoscope, penlight, otoscope, water bottle

Personal care: Shampoo, liquid soap, hair dryer, toothbrush/toothpaste, sunglasses, sunblock, bug spray, razors, bathings suit, makeup, face wash, feminine hygiene products, deodorant, Imodium, 

Clothes: In terms of clothing, just one or two pairs of "clinical dress attire" is appropriate (tie and slacks for men, and dress skirt or slacks for women). Often, dress in clinical situations is informal and jeans and a white coat is all that is needed. In Cacha, students should dress as they would if they were going on a hike: sneakers, jeans/shorts, and sweatshirts you don't mind getting a little dusty.  

Daily Clothing: Shirts, sweaters, quick dry shorts or pants, jeans, shorts, exercise t-shirts, scarf, gloves, tennis shoes, shower sandals, hat, slacks, rain jacket (poncho) or any kind of lightweight water resistant jackets.

Goodwill articles: Stethoscope, blood pressure cuffs, gloves, sutures, masks, medical textbooks, cameras, old smartphones.

 These are a list of things not necessarily offered through the program, but can be arranged easily within Riobamba.
* Soccer Matches: See some of Ecuador’s professional teams play in Estadio Olímpico.
* Museums and Churches: Convento de la Concepción, Ateneo de Chimborazo, Museo de Armas.
* Dance Clasess: There are a few dance instructors located in Riobamba that offer lessons ranging from salsa to merengue to tango.
* Cooking classes: Learn to create a range of Latin American dishes including ceviche, patacones, empanadas, etc.
* Gymnasium: A handful of gyms offer inexpensive weekly memberships. For about $30 a month, you can usually get a place with free-weights, machines, and aerobic classes.  
Weekend Trips:
 While Cachamsi doesn't organize weekend trips, attendees have hired private transportation (shuttle or bus) and contracted with a tour agency at their destination. Some popular destinations include:
* Guayaquil – Malecon 2000, Handicrafts Market, Parque Nacional, beaches, nightlife
* Puyo (Amazon) – camping, guided ecotour, nature hike, trekking to waterfalls, canoeing
* Baños – biking, 4-wheeling, white water rafting, natural springs, Handicrafts Market
* Quito – Downtown, Half of the World, Otavalo Handicrafts Market.
* Riobamba – Chimborazo, hiking through Cacha  
 Transportation within Riobamba is generally inexpensive. During the daylight hours, one may cross the city in a private cab for about $1,25. At night the rate is about $2. 
Riobamba has one bus station or terminal with different routes as described below:
The bus terminal (On León Borja, some 2 km northwest of the city center) has frequent bus service to Quito (US$6, 4 1/2 hours), Guayaquil (US$6, 5 hours), Machala with Transportes Patria (8 1/2 hours, US$8), Cuenca, via Alausí with CTA (7 hours, US$9), Guaranda with Flota Bolivar (2 1/2 hours, US$4), Santo Domingo de los Colorados (5 1/2 hours, US$6). Baños via Ambato (2 1/2 hours, US$3) and Puyo (US$4, 5 hours).
The train ride from Riobamba is out of this world, the highlight being the Devil's Nose and Alausí Loop. For more information click here: http://trenecuador.com/es/inicio/

Internet / Phone Services:
There are many sites throughout Riobamba that offer cheap (but not always speedy) Internet service.
Nightlife / Artesian markets / Supermarkets:
Food and drink is very inexpensive all throughout Ecuador.  

Camari. - Address: Espejo and Olmedo (by La Merced market).
La Ibérica. - Address: Av. Daniel L. Borja 37-62.
Paseo Shoping Riobamba. - Address: Avda. Antonio José de Sucre, Km. 1 y 1/2 via a Guano..
Droves of indigenous natives gather in San Alfonso (Argentinos and 5 de Junio), and Market of Animals (Av. Circunvalación via a Chambo) from the surrounding areas of Chimborazo to sell their produce, handicrafts and livestock each Saturday.

While Guayaquil and Quito are more notable for their nightlife, Riobamba has its share of nightclubs and bars:


The Department of State renewed its Travel Advisory for Ecuador on April 19, 2018.

The full text of the new Travel Advisory follows:

Travel Advisory

April 19, 2018

Ecuador – Level 1: Exercise normal precautions

Exercise normal precautions in Ecuador.  Some areas have increased risk.  Read the entire Travel Advisory.

Do not travel to:

·       Esmeraldas, Carchi, and Sucumbíos provinces due to crime.

Read the Safety and Security section on the country information page.