Spanish Classes:

The medical Spanish curriculum will cover a wide range of topics from anatomical vocabulary, medical terminology, and procedures to doctor-patient relationship and cultural appropriateness. The student will systematically learn the different grammar structures, providing a strong linguistic base knowledge as he / she progresses in the program. In addition, the curriculum will also offer the student the opportunity to learn about the traditional indigenous and complementary/alternative forms of medicine. 
After arrival to Riobamba, the students will take a language skill proficiency evaluation test. The results of this evaluation will provide the instructor with the pertinent information as to how address the learning needs of the student. The instructional objective is to best tailor the program to the student in order to maximize his/her experience in Riobamba. The Medical Spanish lesson curriculum will be similar to the one used in various US medical schools, that is, anatomical vocabulary, medical terminology, procedures, and cultural appropriateness. The curriculum will also include topics on indigenous medicine, complementary/ alternative medicine, comparative international health, and Ecuadorian health care. The Spanish language instructors are professionals graduated from major Ecuadorian universities or selected Spanish professors from private language schools.

Class size is dependant on the number of participants enrolled in the program each month. During the summer months of June, July, August, class size ranges from 5-10 students per instructor. During the rest of the year, each instructor has about 1-4 students. The program has a maximum enrollment of 35 each month. Students will spend approximately 2 hours in Spanish classes each day during the week. There are no classes on the weekend since many students wish to use the time to travel.

In addition to seeing patients in the clinics and hospitals, we now have standardized patients that participants will be conducting H&P's with in Spanish.